TAG 2010, University of Bristol

19 Jul

In December 2010, the team spoke at TAG (Theoretical Archaeology Group) at the University of Bristol. Sadly, Andy was too unwell to join us this time. The team consisted of Jane and Patch (the dog), Whistler, Deano and Danny and Baby Bitch (Dan’s enormous Rottweiler).

We called our talk ‘Punks & Drunks’ and everyone took it in turns to speak about a place they knew and had spent time homeless. Jane talked about her ‘hot skipper’ which happens to be very close to the Wills Building, Park Street, in which the conference was held. Dan discussed his form of homelessness which, in Dan’s words consists of ‘sites, squats and sojourns’. Whistler told the audience about a place he has regularly slept in an NCP car park in the centre of Bristol and showed a photograph of himself stashing his bedding in a grit bin in the hope that no-one would discard it while he was out selling The Big Issue.

Deano played guitar and explained how he often thinks of himself as ‘home-free’ rather than homeless. To the surprise of the audience, Deano said there are times when he is grateful not to have a place ‘because I have no bills..no-one’s after me for rent or gas money. I have nothing to fix, no responsibilities. In the summer anyway, it can be quite nice to be free of all them ties.’


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