‘The reading of books is only one means of acquiring knowledge’: an update from Jane

21 Nov

Jane 21/11/11

I’ve ended up with this dog, Marmite yeah? It’s young and I’m sorry to say I can’t do nothing with it. I mean, you know me, you know I’ve always had dogs and… Patch.., and, you know I have nice dogs. But this one’s like some crazy fighting dog and I didn’t choose to have him. It’s a long story but I ended up with this crazy dog called Red and I’m quite pissed off. I mean, if I took him to the pound, I’d have everyone on my back saying I’m a dog murderer because that’s what they do to dogs, dangerous dogs, at the pound.

I’ve got a cat too. I’m not sure whether to call him Bageera or Mario. I like Bageera.

I went to the doctor because he knows I’ve been doing this project with you over the last years or few. I went in and used to tell him I was an archaeologist and then he asked me if I would spoke to his medical students and I told them the truth about addiction. When I went to see him the other day, just at the surgery, I took him in this book that you sent me – Alexander Masters, Stuart: a life backwards – and he wanted to borrow it. I said he couldn’t have it because it was a gift from a friend and he just wrote down what it was called.

See, you get some people who are embarrassed to admit they can’t read. That’s it really. I can read, but loads of people on the street, you find out, after a while, they can’t. I had this idea to make my book so it come out with a CD of the music that goes with the times I’m talking about. So the people who can’t read can still get the gist of what it’s all about.

Thing is, the internet has all the music on it and it’s not cheap, Marmite, is it? The internet, I mean. I tried to get that…what’s it called? That Broadmend thing… what’s it called? Broadband. It wasn’t even wired up close to my place now. So I give up on that internet and instead, I was working out what music I’d put on the CD:

Red Eyes – Beautiful South – cos’ it’s about alcoholism

You ain’t goin’ nowhere – Bob Dylan

Family Portait – Pink – it reminds me of my kids. If you look at the video, the girl is following the mother and then the mother stays the same and the little girl ends up going in with a really Kosher, what is classed as a proper family, and the mum is just an alcoholic. If you look into it deeply, we’re all statistics, that’s what that video says to me.

Losing my Religion – REM

Everybody hurts – REM

Better to burn out than fade away – Neil Young

Strange little girl – Stranglers

Freebird – Lynard Skynard

Born to be wild – but I don’t know who did it

Stairway to Heaven – Led Zepplin

Suspicious Minds – Elvis Presley

Beautiful and Goodbye my love – James Blunt

Driftwood – Travis

Lives in a windowsill – Travis

Sing – Travis

Knock three times on a ceiling if you wanna…I ain’t got a clue who that’s by. It’s about three or four years’ old. Heard it on the radio and loved it.

I will always love you – Whitney Houston

Fast Car – Tracy Chapman

Son of a Preacher Man – it’s on that CD Jake made for me. Wicked song that!

Under the Bridge – Chilli Peppers

By the way – Chillis – that’s when my kids got taken off me. My boy used to sing it to me.

Over the Rainbow – it’s on old black and white films.

Don’t worry be happy –

Angel – Robbie Williams – that’s the rehab’ I went to. It’s called Clouds. I actually sat in the seat that Robbie Williams sat in when he made that song. As you walk into the room, you got angels round the coving of the room…you’re meant to go for the serenity and peace and all that…there’s a fishpond and that’s where he – Robbie… he got that song from there. Everyone thinks it’s love song and it’s not.

27 Club – Jimi, Janice, Kurt and now Amy – they all died from drugs at 27 and that – Teen Spirit was about that. He didn’t realise that it was about that.

Tugthumping – Chumba Womba

Don’t bring Sally – Stranglers – it’s about smack.

That’s all jumble wumbled. But when I get it in the right order, it’ll be a killer album. My next door neighbour thinks I’m brilliant now. He’s really encouraging now that I’ve shown him I am writing stuff and he can see I’m serious. I told Whistler too. He’s got God but he thinks I’m doing well.

4 Responses to “‘The reading of books is only one means of acquiring knowledge’: an update from Jane”

  1. Rosie at 23:50 #

    Jane, please do keep up your blog. I love the music you chose – and you are so right, book & CD. As for the dog, I love dogs too, but get some help with that one. You don’t need a fighting dog and there may be someone out there who can see the good in him and give him a good home.

  2. avrilcole at 11:56 #

    I love books because we can learn so many things without experiencing some of them or some true facts that we had no idea about.
    But the best books ever are biographies, because we can learn how others got successful and learn from their mistakes. I consider myself lucky that I found a big collections with biographies on allyoucanbooks.com, and that helped me learn some amazing things.

  3. Annie prosser at 14:30 #

    I dont think it is at all wrong if you feel the need to take the dog to the pound . maybe it will suit someone else better xxxxx

    • Annie prosser at 04:41 #

      Also think songs definitely tell a story as that’s what songs are , kinda short stories.
      I like all your choices and certainly relate to ‘Old red eyes’, ‘fast car’ and ‘family portrait’ among’st others, excellent choices. Let us now how it goes x

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