Of dogs and stuff: the case of Rosie Lee

24 Nov

I called Annie. We talked about stuff and moved onto Rosie, Annie’s dog. Annie’s MS (Multiple Sclerosis) person and her ‘brilliant’ (Annie’s word) key worker think that owning a dog is good for Annie. Annie’s tenancy agreement might have other ideas. Annie’s dog is called Rosie but I first knew the dog as Rosie Lee. I have known Rosie for almost a year. Rosie used to belong to another homeless woman I knew.

We’d all been for a walk (Rosie Lee, her person, my two dogs and a mutual friend) around Blaise Castle, one Sunday morning. It was early enough in January 2011 that we saw no-one else for two hours. We were a bimbling pack – three happy dogs, running in woods, and three people noticing snowflakes and sunrise. After the walk, we went back to my unheated, unsociably spaced out flat and cooked bacon sandwiches. I took this picture a little later.

'The good Lord gave us...three things to make life bearable, hope, jokes and dogs, but the greatest of these was dogs', Robyn Davidson


This is Rosie, Annie’s dog.

Rosie’s first owner had some troubles. Rosie became Annie’s dog shortly after this photo was taken (Jan 2011).

I have seen Rosie at Annie’s flat and she is Annie’s dog. She looks to Annie. She communicates with Annie. She guards where Annie sleeps and they look out for one another. They have a very healthy relationship that enhances self-esteem (in both Annie and Rosie) and generally makes life that bit healthier and nicer to live. These things must count for something!

Rosie is thought to be a bit English Bull Terrier, a bit Staffordshire Bull and a bit collie. The cleverness of the collie is evident. Bull terriers are nice dogs if treated well, in my experience. Staff’s are owner/people centred dogs and depending on the person, the dog is moulded. Rosie is the best mix possible of this combination. She isn’t a ‘barky’ dog. She never barks in the flat and has only been known to bark at male dogs sniffing her bottom (understandable!). She is no harm. Rosie is Annie’s dog, faithful and nice to have around, a good reason to feel better and make the most of the day.


2 Responses to “Of dogs and stuff: the case of Rosie Lee”

  1. Annie prosser 27/11/2011 at 15:38 #

    I woke up late this morning , Annie , my owner, had taken me out yesterday to Blaize castle and I had a brilliant time chasing stick and exploring the woods . I did find itstrange that John , Annie’s Dad had started out in his smart office shoes . Why didn’t he go bare foot like me or wear out door shoes like Annie !?, what a wally,but then he did buy my nice new doggy parka which I love and keeps the wind and that nasty rain off!
    Anyway so we woke up late , i even got up after Annie , then we went for our daily walk to my local . I mean the Park , my favorite place , though in the mornings i can’t be bothered with much running round , I just need the loo, a few throws of the stick,do my ablutions , which Annie puts in a bag and delivers in a kinda post box thing (dunno who wants it ?, even I know it stinks). When we got home I had my dentix stick and food and a bit of water, then Annie went out. It’s weird for me as sometimes it is a short time she goes for and sometimes it seems a lifetime, so I never know exactly how much time I have for mischief making.(Unfortuantly for me , Annie has got wise to me going in bins so she puts it out of the way , I had food in my bowl but just wanted to forage , but I got told of and ended up just with wrappers and fag butts … it’s hard for me to get used to having food available all the time , but i do love it)……. (to be continued)

  2. Annie prosser 28/11/2011 at 11:42 #

    ….anyway that night she came back a bit late so i had time to bury my bones under my blanket , then we went for a run at the ‘local’ and I was really tired so went straight to sleep by Annie on the bed, and dremnt of miles of grass, foxes and pigeons to chase.
    When we got up on Saturday, we went straight to the park and then Annie went out … wondered what I would do all day , but soon enough Annie came back. She seemed excited, which, in turn made me excited . She put my special Parka coat on and collar and lead and off we went , Annie was singing my special song (‘Rosie lee, Rosie lee, she’s the best dog that she can be ) on the way so I knew she was happy. We walked a different way than I normally walk with Annie , I thought we might be going to see Daddy smiler (Annie’s partner) at his flat but no, we were heading to the subway by St.Werbergs. I was worried ,even though Annie had never used me as I begging tool , it reminded me of times where I had been , the subway. However Annie just played stick and we kept on walking , we then had a run through the park and who should we meet but Daddy Smiler (I love him so much , and he is doing the great task of looking after my Pups; as.it was really taking it out of me). Along with Daddy Smiler was Tony and his girlfriends from sweden and a nice man who even held my lead for a bit. I was loving it loads of attention and strokes. We ended up at St. werbergs city farm fayre. I could see a big spotty thing with a funny nose who was living in what i must say even by my standards was a pig sty. Also I saw some tall sheep with no fur which had hard ears sticking up on there heads ..I was very intrested in these other animals , wonder what they taste like and if they would be fun to chase. I met lots of people and children (who Iget on with well as long as they don’t tease me and run off). There were also some other different people , some of them in chairs with wheels on. I couldn’t understand what they were saying as they seemed to find it hard to talk, but then that didn’t bother me as I don’t really understand what any human being says .. I knew it was positive though and that they liked me so I felt I had made Annie proud and had pleased the people . So I was a good dog , that felt amazing…. that just by being me I could bring so much joy to so many people.

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